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Baby car seat - Why Opt for It


Babies need special treatment not only at home, stroller or anywhere, but in car as well. Remember babies should sit in rear facing seats always as it is advantageous in comparison to the forward facing positions that can result into serious injuries for the child and even paralysis in extreme cases. Child body is soft and weak.

Baby car seat

The head forms the one third part of their overall weight. In forward facing positions a lot of force is exerted and the child can move far in front and can be serious wounded. Survey reveals that in case of rear facing positions, you reduce the force by 90% and hence, your child will not be affected by worst of the crashes. Remember, child safety is the first priority and you cannot think of anything else till that is finalized.

Baby car seat requires the best use of fabrics as well and should ensure good level of visibility for the child.

Make sure that harness position is always correct and the seat does not move more than an inch when you try to pull it out from any side. If the anchors work fine, you will not be able to do that. Remember, tethered straps are very important and you need to adjust them properly or else, your baby car seat will be a losing event for you. Always ensure, you follow the vehicle and car seat safety rules that are mentioned in the booklet that you receive. Anchoring the straps and placing the harness is not a big deal. You can look out for latch full form and I leave it for you to find out as homework. You should learn each trick.

Remember, harness positions can be felt though your child is too small to explain that and hence you need to find that on your own.

Harness positions

Side way protection is also quite important and you just cannot think of better protection than through the safest baby car seat. Convertible car seat is good but for the babies below 13 kg in weight, you need to buy these special seats and you are always going to find them fruitful. Once your child is above 150 cm, you can opt for the normal car seats.

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